Photovoltaic Self-Consumption

The energy
that transforms
the world

Generate your own electricity using photovoltaic solar panels without the financial investment.​

Photovoltaic Self-Consumption

The energy
that transforms
industrial production

Photovoltaic Self-Consumption

The energy
that transforms
your facility

Photovoltaic Self-Consumption

The energy that
transforms the
agricultural sector

Spain is one of the leading Photovoltaic Self-Consumption countries in the world

autoconsumo fotovoltaico

As a member of a large group, Edison Next has promoted the development of renewable energies development for several years while focusing on comprehensive solutions for Photovoltaic Self-Consumption.

We offer stand-alone or fully integrated Energy Solutions for our clients:

icono energia solar
icono carga vehiculos electricos
icono sistema gestion energetica

Solar energy

Electric vehicle charging

Energy management systems

icono energia solar

Energía solar

icono energia solar

Carga de vehículos eléctricos

icono energia solar

Sistemas de gestión energética

Connect your company to the sun

We finance 100% of your energy transition while guaranteeing you savings from day one.

autoconsumo fotovoltaico conecta empresa

Edison Next offers comprehensive photovoltaic self-consumption solutions for all types of companies, providing the most efficient project design and 100% of the initial investment, from system installation to management, monitoring and maintenance.

In doing so, we ensure that our clients are worry-free as they reduce their energy consumption.

icono desarrollo tramitacion
icono construccion instalacion
icono inversion
icono operacion mantenimiento supervision

1. Development and processing

• Feasibility study.
• Management of permits, licenses, authorizations and subsidies.

2. Construction and installation

• From design to engineering, supply to installation, and connection to launch, we offer turnkey solutions compliant with regulations.

3. Investement

• We finance 100% of your energy transition and maintenance management.

4. Operation, maintenance and supervision

• Comprehensive installation management.
• KPI monitoring and guaranteed financial savings.

icono desarrollo tramitacion
icono construccion instalacion
icono inversion
icono operacion mantenimiento supervision

Thanks to our project design and innovative monitoring system, we guarantee the most efficient performance of all our photovoltaic installations.

Thanks to comprehensive maintenance and the use of one of the most efficient monitoring systems on the market, we are able to maximize the performance of our photovoltaic installations.

We use a monitoring system dedicated exclusively to photovoltaic installations. This system is based on a web application that uses centralized information, which allows a real-time view of the company’s power production and energy consumption.


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The system receives continuous information from different field elements and data sources, allowing any Internet-connected device access to view production KPIs, track their progress and detect any possible anomalies. This expedites the resolution and management of remote interventions.

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Why choose Edison Next?

Advanced energy management systems are essential to the present and future of any industry, able to reduce both your company’s energy bill and the production of CO2 emissions.

por que edf cliente

• Client
por que edf 2b

por que edf 2

• Feasibility study
• Processing and installation
• 100% financing
• Operation and maintenance
por que edf 3b
hiloEnergy and financial savings from day one.
hiloEnergy independence. Optimal performance.
hiloCO2 emissions reduction. Clean energy.
hilo Compliance with CSR policies.
hilo Increased property value.

¿Por qué Edison Next?

Los sistemas avanzados de gestión energética son un elemento esencial para el presente y futuro de cualquier industria e impacta notablemente en el ahorro de la factura energética empresarial, así como en la reducción de emisiones de CO2 a la atmósfera.

por que edf cliente movil
• Cliente
por que edf 2 movil
• Estudio de viabilidad • Tramitación e instalación • 100% inversión • Operación y mantenimiento
por que edf 3 movil
• Ahorro energético y económico desde el primer día. • Independencia energética. Rendimiento óptimo. • Reducción emisiones CO2. Energía limpia. • Cumplimiento de políticas RSC. • Incremento del valor del inmueble.

Photovoltaic Self-Consumption
with our PPA onsite option

What is it?

Onsite PPA allows companies to acquire PV assets securely without taking on any investment.

In short, it is the self-consumption of renewable electricity produced by companies’ own PV installations.

Edison Next takes care of the initial setup, maintenance and manufacturer warranty.

The agreed-upon price is below market value.

Zero initial investment required

Advantages of the PPA option

Eliminates all operational and technological risks to companies

Quickly resolves incidents

Specially designed for industry and its specific needs

Provides maximum efficiency with minimum risk

Provides savings from day one 

Enables companies to achieve their sustainability goals 

Companies can acquire PV assets securely through an onsite PPA while taking on zero investment.

The installation becomes the property of the client at the end of the stipulated period (usually 10, 15 or 20 years).

We believe in providing our clients with as much renewable energy as they are capable of self-consuming, at the lowest cost and using their own installations, while ensuring that the PV installation produces the expected energy over the years.” “

Director of the
Photovoltaic Self-Consumption
Business Unit at Edison Next

15% – 40% savings

in self-consumed energy

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Looking ahead…

for 2025

Our objective is to implement solar energy and self-consumption projects to reach a total of 200MW installed by 2025. All of this is possible thanks to an investment of more than 100 million euros in order to achieve the Sustainable Development and Efficiency Goals outlined in the European regulations.

2025 Edison Next
Photovoltaic Self-Consumption 

in numbers:

icono potencia instalada

Installed power

ico euros


Join the
Photovoltaic Self-Consumption

Únete a la revolución

del Autoconsumo Fotovoltaico en tus instalaciones

What is the lifespan of this type of installation?

Photovoltaic panels have a life expectancy of 25 years, guaranteed by the manufacturer, which could reach up to 30 years. If one of the panels does fail, the operation of the others will not be affected, and any of them can be replaced when needed.

Are there any taxes on solar self-consumption?

With the RD 244/2019 of April 5, 2019, the so-called “sun tax” was eliminated in Spain, so there are no fees or taxes on solar photovoltaic energy.

What is the client’s return on investment?

Edison Next finances 100% of the investment, allowing the client to see savings from day one.

Are there any subsidies or financial aid for this type of installation?

Yes, but it is not necessary to apply for them since we cover the full investment. If regulations changed and they were to be applied in the future, we would consider them in our proposal and pass the savings on to the client, resulting in a more competitive price.

What types of contracts are available?

There are two types of contracts:


  • Fixed monthly fee (€/month).
  • Project investment: Edison Next.


  • Monthly fee for all energy generated or self-consumed (€/MWh).
  • Project investment: Edison Next
What maintenance does the installation require?

Los paneles solares alcanzan la producción máxima en condiciones ideales. Nosotros evitamos que acumulen polvo o suciedad con una revisión periódica.

Our solar panels reach their maximum production capacity under ideal conditions. We conduct periodic inspections to prevent them from accumulating dust or dirt.

In addition, at Edison Next we monitor installation and carry out preventive maintenance to correct any anomalies and make improvements. We take care of it all so that the client can rest easy.

Do the panels work at night? What about when there is cloudy weather?

Photovoltaic panels transform solar energy into electricity during daylight hours. At night, and unless the installation is equipped with external storage batteries, the energy is consumed from the power network since the customer remains connected to it. When the weather is cloudy, the installation continues to produce energy, albeit at a lower rate.

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